Employees are the key ingredient to successful organizations. Our aim is to support organizations in creating inclusive and positive work environments.

Our aim is to be the first choice for organizations by being a leader in creating inclusive work environments.

We are authentic. We seek to understand. We are focused on supporting employees at all levels of the organization including executives, managers, supervisors and front staff.

Who are we?
Canden Consulting was founded  in 2016 by Candy Khan to support employees and leaders through diversity and inclusion.
Candy is a passionate, animated facilitator, mentor, consultant and a Qualified Intercultural Administrator of Canden Coaching and Consulting Inc. She specializes in providing individuals and organizations with training in Career Planning, Policy Development, Managing a Diverse Workforce, Coaching International Educated Professionals, Respectful Workplace, Harassment, Discrimination Complaint. Intercultural Competency, facilitation and training in a variety of Diversity and Inclusion areas.